The man behind VinaRacing

The man behind VinaRacing 2018-04-30T23:18:24+00:00

A vision to introduce the passion of motorsports to Vietnam

Our founder and the man behind most of the business ideas and the track designs, Mr. Hubert Nacken, is looking back at a successful and exciting motorsports career that spreads over almost 40 years.

He gathered experience in all different areas of motorsports, from slalom, rallye, formula cars and most importantly touring cars. He competed for many years in different teams at the VLN racing championship at the so called Nordschleife at the Nuerburgring.

The master class for many race drivers in Europe is the annual 24 Hour Race at the Nuerburgring in Germany. Hubert participated 25 times and thereof won 8 times in his class.

As motorsports is his passion, Hubert had a dream of bringing this passion into Vietnam, a country which has yet to discover motorsports as a field. We hope that we will be able to reach many ambitious people who are keen to compete in racing events.